Federal Gear Services

Committed to Perfection

Gear Cutting

Federal Gear’s specialty is gear cutting, capitalizing on our extensive selection of hobbing machinery and special tools. Through cutting, shaping, and finishing, our trained experts are committed to ensuring perfection in all our products. We also use Solidworks solid modeling software to ensure manufacturability and repeatability for every design, creating a fast, thorough, and dependable production process. Check out our gallery.

From Scratch

When you need gears reverse engineered, our engineers will work from your drawings, sketches and samples to recreate your parts. We’ll work with you to gather specs, no matter how big or small the project, and ensure our final product is perfect. From beginning to end you can rest assured your job is handled with expert care and uncompromised precision.

Cut Teeth Only

If you already have blanks prepared, we can accommodate your needs by using our machinery to cut your teeth. Tooth cutting is a precise art, requiring attention to the most minute details. Make sure you choose an experienced, quality gear cutter.

State of the Art

Precision Machining

Our internal precision machining capabilities allow us to control the manufacturing process from beginning to end. Our state-of-the-art CNC turning and milling machines churn out gear blanks and a wide range of other parts, ranging up to 96 inches OD and 60 inches in length. We use live tooling to create external keyways, drill and tap holes, and customize other part features all in one machine to maximize accuracy and efficiency.

Excellence in Precision

Keyway Cutting

At Federal Gear, we use keyseaters, slotters, broaches, and rotary broaches to cut keyways from widths between 1/8 inch and three inches, with up to 20 inches of length. We can align keyways with any feature of a part, including other keyways.

Forward or Backward

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering gears is one of our specialties. Using samples or merely portions of sample gears, our engineers are able to recreate the specs and design gears that work just like the original parts. This allows us to produce replacement parts when they are no longer commercially available or lead-times and costs are excessive.

Geared for Mastery

Gear Box Design & Repair

Our gearbox design, repair, and rebuilding services cover practically any gearbox related need. At Federal Gear, we accommodate all types of gearboxes, whether you need a fundamental tune-up or an emergency rebuild. Our team of experts is available to analyze your gearbox and provide the best possible solution for your application.