Federal Gear Capabilities

From Spur Gears to Worm Gears, We Do It.

Witness the capabilities we offer at Federal Gear with these images. These gears are examples of the products we make, and represent our capabilities. Download our capabilities flyer here

Spur and Helical Gears

Our diverse range of hobbing machines is responsible for the production of these spur and helical gears. We offer spur and helical gears from 1 to 96DP (25.4 to .26 MOD) and quality levels up to an AGMA 9. We are capable of handling sizes from one inch all the way up to 96 inches OD, and overall lengths up to 190" on our machinery.

Internal Gears

Internal gear production relies on several gear shaping machines in our inventory. At Federal Gear, we are able to cut internal gears, splines or sprockets from 2DP to 96DP (12.7 to .26 MOD). We’re able to take on blanks of up to 40 inches OD, with gear faces of up to six inches in length. Stacked gears and other applications where hobbing is not viable are perfect fits for these internal gears.

Bevel Gears

Our minimum bevel gear size is 3DP, and we’re able to accommodate outside diameters of up to 24 inches with faces of 3.5 inches. We use Gleason bevel cutters, some of the best in the industry, to ensure quality, and offer both standard and metric sizes. We are one of the highest quality bevel gear manufacturers.

Shafts and Splines

Many manufacturers are unable to accommodate large shafts with splines or involute teeth, but at Federal Gear, these are some of our specialties. With a selection of horizontal gear hobbers, we can cut splines, spur gear, or helical gears on shafts of up to 190 inches in length (with up to 135 inch faces and 40 inch OD). Standard and Metric sizes are available.

Worm and Worm Gears

Accommodating up to 40 inches of length and 12 inches of outside diameter, we cut, heat treat, straighten, and ground multiple thread ground worms. We also create worm gears of up to two inch CP and 96 inch OD, cutting and roll testing extensively to ensure bearing and accurate contact patterns. Standard and Metric sizes are available.


Federal Gear utilizes multiple different hobbing machines to ensure the greatest range of sprocket capabilities. With a wide range of stocked cutting tools, we can accommodate almost any custom sprocket request.

Get a feel for the range of our capabilities by viewing the chart below. No matter where your applications fall within the range of this chart - even if they are outside our capabilities - give us a call and we can help you with your gear-related questions. Federal Gear wants to be the first call you make for any gear-related question... like your own personal "gear engineer."
Products DP Max Max OD Face Max
Spur and Helical Gears 0.5 96" 40"
Spline and Shafting 1 40" 40"
Worms 1.25 CP 12" 48"
Worm Gears 2.00 CP 96" 12"
Herringbone & Double Helical 0.5 30" 36"
Straight Bevel 3 24" 3.5"
Internal Keyway 3" Wide 50" 25"
Internal Spline 1 DP 33" 16"
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Also Available

  • CNC Turning
  • CNC Milling
  • Wire EDM
  • Blanchard Grinding
  • ID & OD Grinding

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