What’s the Process for Creating a Spur Gear?

August 14, 2018 / Tuesday

The gear manufacturing world is more complicated than most people realize, but almost everyone can recognize the conventional shape of a spur gear; it’s the shape you likely imagine when you picture a “gear” in your mind.

Spur gears are one of the simplest and most practical gears, so while they aren’t a perfect fit for every job, we do tend to make a lot of them. There are a few different approaches you can use for the gear making process, depending on the intended use of your gear and its final design, but this is the multi-step process we use most frequently:

  • Provision of raw materials. First, we purchase raw materials specified on the drawing.
    Possible materials include various metals, ceramics, and even plastics.
  • Producing a gear blank. Once we secure the material we need to turn it into a “blank” by turning it to size and milling in any additional required features. This result in a finished blank which is a gear without teeth.
  • Cut Gear teeth. Depending on the size, and whether the teeth are interns or external we may choose to hob, shape, mill or grind the teeth in the gear blank.
  • Deburring. Most of the time, the cutting process leaves burrs in the gear, so we use a deburring process to remove them.
  • Heat Treating. Based on the requirements, the gear may be heat treated to increase the hardness and durability.  Once again there are several processes to choose from, induction, flame, carburize and harder and nitriding are a few of the common heat treat processes.
  • Finishing. If the gear requires additional finishing, such as a keyway, or an additional coating to protect against rust, we apply it currently.
  • Inspecting. Of course, to ensure quality (and reduce the risk of imperfections), we always give our spur gears a final inspection before shipping out to the customer. Precision and consistency are vital to maintaining the integrity of our operation.

Are you interested in designing or producing your own spur gears? If so, we can get you a quote for the job in 24 hours or less. Contact Federal Gear today and learn why we’ve been a top gear manufacturer for more than 100 years!

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