Federal Gear Applications

Industrial Equipment

Applications for Custom Made Gears

For over a century, we’ve built and sustained a reputation for providing solutions to many industrial applications. Adhering to strict quality standards, our gears and machined parts have earned us the trust of customers in many industries, including:


Above ground and underground mining both require large machinery to excavate, dig, and transfer materials. Federal Gear has the capacity to produce the large gears and shafts necessary to maintain efficient operations.


Infrastructural integrity keeps society organized and efficient, maintaining quality roads, sewers, electrical grids, and endless means of travel and supply. Federal Gear provides not only the machine parts directly needed for these infrastructural components, but also gears and parts for the equipment that builds and maintains them.


Most power plants use turbines to generate power. Millions of people depend on the constant momentum of these turbines for uninterrupted power, necessitating quality components for the highest quality machines. Federal Gear provides these components to the power generation industry, as well as the tools and machines that maintain them. Wind and solar applications are on the rise: wind turbines rely on large gears to transmit the energy of the wind, while solar arrays use precise pinions to focus the sun on solar power towers. Components produced by Federal Gear are often used as an essential crux in these machines, responsible for accurate and fluid movement to ensure uninterrupted power. In oil and gas applications, Federal Gear provides splined shafts & worm and worm gears that are durable enough to withstand the harsh conditions of the industry. We manufacture our parts to our customers' exacting standards.


Federal Gear gears and shafts are used throughout the railroad industry of North America. Found in everything from the actual locomotives to the switches on the tracks, we are proud to offer the parts that keep our train systems moving.