Cutting teeth since 1914
We were instrumental in designing gears for the military in WWII, and our gears helped launch the space shuttle. We are Federal Gear, and we are constantly redefining 'the cutting edge'. Click here learn more about our history
No matter the size, we've got you covered
We all know scale of a project can sometimes determine its rate of success. That's why the team at Federal Gear is able to supply you with the equipment you'll need to feel assured that no job, big or small, will pass you by. Click here to learn more about our capabilities.
Measure twice, cut once
Our dedication to perfection is displayed in the services we provide. From gear cutting and machining to reverse engineering, the Federal Gear goal is to create quality products that are built to perform and last the duration of any project. Click here to learn more about our services.
Finding the perfect fit for anything
Here at Federal Gear we supply our expertly designed gears to a vast range of industries. Each with their own goals, they are able to achieve anything with our quality product and unparalleled quest for innovation. Click here to learn more about our applications.

Powering the World for Over a Century

Custom Made Gears For Many Applications

Federal Gear is a fully integrated custom gear manufacturer serving the needs of commercial industry throughout North America. We built custom made gears that helped win WWII, and helped propel the space shuttle into the stratosphere. Federal Gear manufactures a wide range of custom gearing including spur gears, helical gears, bevel gears, worm and worm gears. We also provide gear, spline and keyway cutting services on customer supplied materials. Federal Gear components are found in many specialized gear applications such as: motors, actuators, agricultural equipment, cranes, special machine tools, metal working, mining equipment and more. We pride ourselves on exceeding our customer’s expectations by keeping our promises and providing exceptional value. Whether it’s one gear for an emergency repair or hundreds for continuing assembly, Federal Gear is there for you. Find out what we can do for you.

The Coffee Break

Federal Gear was recently featured as one of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business program recipients. Grab a coffee, sit back for a few minutes and hit play!

  • "Jay & Kevin from TNT Automotive want to thank you for your excellent work and craftsmanship in reverse engineering and manufacture of the gear box shaft for our customer's fire truck."

    Kevin and Jay

    TNT Automotive

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